Romeo, flowers and Regent’s Place

Shades of Romeo and Regent’s Place

I spoke with a friend of mine about this flowers articles. What is the reason why I write this articles, especial when my English language is not so good. I told to my friend that there are not soo many persons who read my articles about Shades of Romeo if they are 5 persons. But for me is ok, all that I write is about love, Romeo and flowers. Yep is about Shades of Romeo and searching programs on the internet, like google. Now in present, if you write on google or another searching programs Shades of Romeo or Regent’s Place who know? Maybe you will find this article too.

It passed some time when I did not write anything, so it’s time for a new story.

Shades of Romeo, orchids plant and Westfield Stratford

10.06.2018 I buy quality, a little more expensive than usual. It was only 4 orchids plants, white lovely ones. I remember that the weather wasn’t nice. I take some pictures to on orchids plants in a small park and after that, I just go to Westfield Stratford.

My first stop it was in Bubbleology, It was a nice spot to take some pictures. I put one orchid plant on the table and I start photo shots. I spend there more than 15 minutes. My intention was to let the flowers there on the table when I going. I start to pick up my staff when I saw a family was waiting for me. There was another 2 table empty, but they were waiting for me, the one with orchids plant on it. You know the sensation about something good. I smiled, the lady smiled me back and that was all. A 2 seconds smile, it makes you feel nice.

Anyway, I take some other pictures with orchids plant therein Westifled. The last 2 orchids plant I just give it to 2 ladies what the are working there to pretzels.

Flowers on Regent’s Place

Regent’s Place is next to my working site now. Like I told you before for me is easier like that, after I finish with the flowers I just go I the site, and I did not lose too many hours from my daily work.

On 19.10.2018 it was a perfect weather, no wind the sun came out and I was there in Regent’s Place with the flowers. There it is really nice and clean place. Sometimes I eating outside there on the stones in Regent’s Place square. Because is a really nice and clean place there, in Regent’s Place square all the time is a security person.

Anyway, I just start to open my banner, get ready to take some pictures and guess what, the security person from Regent’s Plance was next to me. He was a really nice person and explain to me, that with no authorization, I’m not allowed to have any activity in the Regent’s Place square.

When I was picked up my banner one beautiful lady came close to me and help me with the banner. It was an opportunity to offer the first flower in Regent’s Place. I just move next to the bus station. There it was a good chance to take more pictures and at the same time to try to record something for a youtube movie. I’m not a professional one but I promise in the future I will create a better one. Everything has a beginning.

Regent’s Place best place for relax

After that, in 5 minutes only 2 buckets left. A lot of people start to be there in Regent’s Place. I thinking that is starting to be late for me to get to work. I have to do something with this 2 last buckets

In the distance, I saw a young couple was watching and coming to me. “There is my salvation,” I said in my mind. With not too many words I just pass the flowers to both and I start to pick up my stuff. But they just start talking with me about my activity. It was strange for me, is for the first time for me when someone starts to speak with me about this activity. Usually, I speak with my friends about this. They explain to me that they are working there In Regent’s Place and in the future if I want to come again there to contact them to give me an authorization. Anyway, for me that was something, it means that people like my idea. This is how to build a brand.

I’m sure in the future I will go again to Regent’s Place square.

Shades of Romeo — A new day of Love



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Shades Of Romeo

Shades Of Romeo


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