London Flowers are very sensitive

I just find the most beautiful flowers. As usual, I take a look after orchids, I like roses too, but is difficult to let them in the streets.

I go as usual at the same store. Was great there, there was now a lot of orchids flowers. Today will be very difficult to choose. Ok… after 10 min I decided, white orchids, they were great, looks so … I can not explain but I just like them.

The only problem it was about the flower protection, It was only half of the flowers. I have a bag, big bag, you know … lidl bag.

No problem, I just want them… and I try to be more careful with them on the road. My target today to let flowers in London will be Canon Streets Station.

After 2 hours I get there, in Cannon Street station next to Bloomberg building.

I saw on flowers some small spots ( small damage) how I was holden (transported) them. I was not so happy. I decided to let all 6 flowers together on the bench. In this way, I will hide those spots

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. They were great, I really like it. Even like that, the flowers were lovely.

O.k. I let the flowers on the bench, I take a few pictures and I move in the back to see what it’s be gone.

And guess what? A guy with a bike just stop there and take 3 of them. I can not believe that. The man again… the flowers supposed to be for women… Life … what you can do…

I saw after that one lady takes a flower, it good that was a good sign.

That was on 30/07/2018, I have a free day from work. After that, I decided to go home, I was not soo happy, to see how the men take it the flowers.

Originally published at on August 11, 2018.

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