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A true story in my life

When the best crazy funny photo idea transforms into the biggest stupidity

From when the internet started to be live, almost at the same time photos with funny moments from our life start to be live. We have to accept that we enjoy it to watch on the internet the best funny crazy jokes photos. This photo can be one with some beautiful moments from our life or just some random pics with some funny jokes on them.

Personally, I have to admit that watching on my phone pics with funny jokes makes me happy. I guessing is the same for most of us. Funny jokes pics make us laugh.

I don’t know how many of you will read this story, about funny moments in our life. Now I ask you why for a birthday to take photos?

Yep, it’s true.

Best crazy funny pics and Droll Pics app

We all know the reason because all of us do the same. We just want to memorize the best moments from our life. And what is the best way to memorize the best moments in our life? With photos, be there for the right moments to shoot the best crazy funny photo of your life.

I know that nobody will read this article, but I still wrote it. Is for Google and other search websites. Is about Droll Pics ( my app

)is an app where you can upload your best funny jocks pics that represents the funny moments from your life.

If you have some funny photos already taken, you are welcome to come and post them on our app.

Because I have to create a long article to be one the best for them, I will write a story.

And The story about the best crazy funny photo begin

A true story about me, when I have around 20 years old. I remember on Tv started to run an ad from Sprite. A really interesting ad, all you have to do, was to send them a photo via the post office, with a crazy idea about the Sprite man.

Sound so good, all that I have to do is to take crazy funny photo jokes with a sprite idea, and 1000 Euro will be mine. Oh, this is perfect, a crazy idea in a photo, very easy. I remember in their tv advertising it was a man wearing a yellow spandex suit and black sunglasses.

The idea of the game was to create a funny crazy photo with or about this man. After that, you send the photo to them by the post office, because 20 years ago we did not have of us, internet or email addresses.

At the timeline, they suppose to choose the best 10 crazy funny pics and jokes about the sprite man.

The best idea that I have it in at that moment was to become that person. But I need a suit and it was no chance for me to get one, or something elastic and also yellow.

So I decided, I will paint myself. Yes with real paint for walls. Because I was living in a block with 10 floors, I just talk with one of my friends from the block about this crazy funny photo jokes idea. She told me that she will help me with shooting the pics. You need to understand that in that “era,” we did not have phones with photo cameras.

Start to build the Yellow Man

Outside was really cold, the weather was something between autumn and winter. I just have to prepare everything for the big day. I already have some white paint for the walls, and I remember that it was not washing-resistant. Short yellow leggings, which I use for swimming, were ready. The yellow color for the paint I just buy it from the shop. Photo camera with a new film inside and batteries, ready too.

I was ready for the big event, to create the perfect crazy funny jokes photo, with which I will win the big prize of 1000 euros.

Started to mix the paint with the color, in the bucket on the carpet I put some plastic foil, to protect the carpet. I start to paint myself with a brush.

Start with the easy part, legs, chest hands, and on the back, my neighbor lady was helping me. The hard part is now… the face and hair. I just try to cover all parts of my body with yellow paint. And now the eyes, it was the cherry on the cake. I just use some black shoe cream.

Let the party start

Believe me, I was dame’ crazy at that age, and I did all this just to take the best crazy funny Photos, and I did not know If I have any chance to win one of the 10 prizes at 1000 euros each.

Ok, now it’s time to shoot some photos. The paint on me was still wet, and I just take a sit on chare arm to look bad in the photo. I just had a plastic pistol, because in the tv ad, it was a robbed guy dressed in yellow and a black mask. Easy my idea was simple… I will become the robbery guy.

Because I just start to move around the house, I let on the carpet some big yellow spots. Doesn’t matter, Is not water-resistant, so I will clean it after. I just touch the door, ups… again some yellow spots. Then I ask the lady to go on the roof of the building to take some actually the perfect crazy funny pics for the tv ad. Like I said before outside it was cold, really cold…

After 10 min to stay on the roof … I just could it end anymore. We just run back into the apartment. I was living on the 9 floor.

And now the best part just have to come. Can you try to imagine what I just did for some crazy photo and what needs to be the best funny photo to be chosen? Because we just came after the communist system the hot water we have only in the evening or morning.

So now… in the afternoon no hot water. But no problem I already have some water in the bathroom for a few hours. I just jump in it. If I will try to compare the cold air from outside and the water, the water was really warm.

When the best crazy funny photo idea transforms into the biggest stupidity

Now the best funny part of this crazy, madness experience starts. The paint was waterproof. I was washing for 5 minutes and I was still yellow, everything around me was yellow and the water in the bathtub was yellow too. Let’s change the water, and start washing again with new water, but guess what? The new water was cold… And now you have to imagine how I start dancing in the bathroom.

The paint from my body starts to go off, and the color of my skin starts to change to red. I was laughing and shaking at the same time.

In the end, after 30 minutes, I get out of the bathroom. My skin was even red or yellow, only my color was not. And all this agony for what? For some perfect, the best crazy funny photo about a yellow thief.

More work will come

And now because the bath experience was not enough, I have to clean the all house now. The door frames have yellow fingerprints, and footprints on the carpet, in the bathroom everything was yellow. Yep, this is true, I was a god-dam crazy stupid guy.

And lest start working, Cleaning the apartment. In a few hours, I finish it but I still was yellow. Special behind my neck, and some other parts of my body.

Actually, when my mam come home from work she was happy because I was washing the carpet, cleaning the bathroom, the doors, she like it and laughed because I was yellow. I was looking like a sick person, a diabetic person.

The next day I was going outside, shopping and guess what? People from the streets were watching me strangely. Even the lady from the shop, asks me if I am ok.

Looking like a stupid yellow sick person

Because I knew her, I start to tell her the story, but the short version. She just start laughing and told me that now I was looking like a stupid yellow sick person.

“Ok and now… what if I will win that 1000 Euro, who will laugh in the end?”

I just said something in my own defense. ” and now I just go to the Photo Shop to develop the photo film, with my best beautiful and perfect crazy funny pics on it, whit what I will win the big money”, and I just left the food shop.

Of course, The lady from Photoshop keeps her distance from me. Tomorrow your Photo will be ready, she told me. Oky doky I was waiting for. Can you imagine my beautiful crazy funny photos? The next day, at the appointment time to lift up the photos, I was there. What can I say, the lady from the shop now smiled at me. yep, she sows the pictures… that is true because she was the one who play with the main to develop the photos. For me:

IT WAS PERFECT, yep all of the photos were perfect crazy funny pics. Evan that one when because of the cold weather I was shaking on the roof, or that one when I was sitting in the armchair like a boss, with the cigarette in one hand and the plastic pistol in the other.

Ready for the big news

Ok, now I was ready to send the best crazy funny photo via the post office to Sprite, to get my 1000 euro price, I remember the name of the tv. campaign .. it was ” the muscle came back “, or something like that. I just send the photos and the waiting started. and guess what? The waiting strat to be longer and longer. and … after one month nothing. :(.

That is true all that crazy idea for some crazy funny pics that are supposed to be the best and perfect pics to win the 1000 Euro and nothing. Yep, that is truly a BIG DISAPPOINTED sensation I have it in my soul at that time.

The back of my neck was still yellow, at the armpit, both arms the same was still yellow. This is true, the god dame yellow paint was still there, and other parts of my body were still yellow.

In 2000 we did not have the internet the same as now, ( I believe it was around in 2000 year). I usually buy an FHM magazine at that time. I really enjoy that magazine. Over there they have a concurs, something about ” send us your crazy story and if is funny enough we will public it”. The prize is was a campaign bottle with your picture on it.

The best funny crazy jokes photos see the lights of Publicity

“Ok let’s do this,” I told to myself.

The internet cafe just started and a lot of young people go there, it was something new for us. I just get to one, I scan over there one of the pictures, actually. I choose the craziest funny photo that I think it was, and I choose that in which I was sitting on the armchair. Overthere on the FHM internet page, I also have the chance to upload my best crazy photo. Now I was sure that they will get the photo. Also, it was the option to write a short story about this Photo.

I am The Winner “That’s what my muscles wanted”

Now I was waiting for the next number of the magazine unless here someone will hear my story. And guess what? IT WAS THERE… OLE… I was in the magazine. they really like my crazy story, and they publish it. And the photo? come on… it was the best crazy funny photo for me, and it was there in the magazine. I was really happy.

I took the magazine outside to show it to all my friends, now it was my moment.

In a few days, I get from the post office the collet with a bottle of the campaign, and on the label of the bottle was my photo, and on top, it was the message ” because my muscles want it like that”.

Believe me, that was the moment in my life when I feel that I have the power to create something and be happy with what I created. It was not a stupid idea and stay like that, people like it and laugh at it.

The big dream about the best crazy funny jokes comes back

After a few days, I get a phone call at home. You know that type of phone I have in my house… brrr, brrr, brrr. It was a home-fix phone. I remember that it was a lady on the other side of the line who told me she is from sprite company. She saw the article in the magazine and also the crazy funny jokes photo and she really enjoy it. And for that, she wants to send me a consolation gift, from a Sprite company.

Of course, I just give her my address, where I was living. Now lets the money comes… I just told all my friends about the phone call, and now I was waiting for the consolation prize, as she told me on the phone. The big day just come, I got a notification to go to the post office to lift up a collet.

You have to feel the feeling of what I try to talk about, to understand how I was at that moment, now all my crazy efforts for that funny jokes and photos almost got to the end with the big prize. Oky doky…

All dreams come out

I just get to the post office and there they give me a big packet, let’s say something like 30 cm in length with 15 cm in height. Aaa, it is something wrong with my collet. To put 1000 euros in such a big packet? ups… I just start to think that is something wrong with my collet. The box was too big the be inside 1000 Euro and did not sign at to post office.

I get home and I open the collet, I was really enthusiastic and start to be disappointed at the same time. Nop is just too big to be 1000 euros inside, or maybe something else too, you know they said consolation prize on the phone.

And surprise… No money inside, yep that is true. That perfect crazy funny jokes photo did not get 1000 euros.

Inside it was an audio cassette bag with 10 cassettes inside, and a t-shirt from Sprite.

That 10 audio cassette was a… how can I say, we did not use the audio cassette player anymore. We start to have a cd-player and DVD players. And they send me 10 old audio cassettes, dame man, it was Sprite one of the big companies in the world, yep… and I just get from them old stile audio cassettes, of… have to accept the truth.

But the T-shirt was perfect, it was yellow and it has drawn on it the shape of a human muscle. It was one of the best T-shirts that I can have. And dam… I was fighting for that T-shirt, that fights it was to create the perfect funny crazy pics on the internet, that suppose to bring me 1000 euros.

Crazy fun for the best funny crazy pics

and the end

I can not remember the agony that I have had to pass true for the last two months only to lose the yellow paint from my body. And all this for some pics. Ok

This is one of my true stories, also at the same time, I add intentionally some keywords like the best Funny pics jokes on the internet for my new Droll pics App. For the moment I’m not at home anymore, But I believe that the crazy photos are still at home.

They said about 95% of the articles on the internet never get read by people, but if someone will read it and he wishes to see my best funny crazy pics. I can speak with my family and try to find them. Anyway, I think this article is long enough for them to like it.

If you like this small story, a part of my life when I was crazy enough to believe everything in the world is nice and good. Now I have 40, I grow up, but my mind still doesn’t accept the world around us, is cruel and bad. I still believe that the world is a wonderful place, with good and bad things in it, but the crazy funny jokes and photos from our life will stay forever and live in our minds.

I hope you understand that I’m not a professional writer and the reason why I’m writing this little story.

Marian from Droll Pics.



Shades Of Romeo

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