From enthusiastic to disappointed

From enthusiastic to disappointed


Shades of Romeo — From enthusiastic to disappointed

Today is Thursday 19/07, I just take a free day from work. I have almost 3 weeks of work, every day. A good opportunity

to go to Vauxhall market to buy more flowers. I just find there some colored orchids. They were small and really cute, 15 the number.

After I buy them I take the bus to go back to Liverpool Station, is more easy for me to go direct with the train to Ilford, where I live in.

I go to City Point square, is a nice place there with a lot of benches. I let there 5 of them, I start to feel enthusiastic again. Is something that I like to do it, I take a few pictures and go. Still, 10 flowers have to go.

I just find another nice spot and I start to let the flowers there. I just put there 4 orchids and the security guy was next to me. Try to explain to him what I’m doing and I just take some pictures for a website. Next, to us, an asiatic guy came and assist with our conversation. ” It’s for free? ok, thanks a lot” and he starts to take all of them. ” It’s for my wife, she loves flowers”.

The russian(I have 1,83 m …but he was a big guy next to me) security guy was watching me, the short guy next to me takes all the flowers, and I could take only one picture. I just hope he is not gone sell the flowers, he will give it for free.

Shades Of Romeo — A new day of Love

And because of this, I change “the way”. I start to let only one flower, I think is better like this. In the small park, bus station, on the slab, in the Liverpool Station, even on the train.

Shades Of Romeo — A new day of Love

When was the last time you got flowers?

Shades Of Romeo

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