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Photos and the Web — the first 10 websites on Google

Google Photos

Your photos are automatically organized and searchable, so you can easily find the photo that you’re looking for. Easily save and share what matters.

google photos

Google Photos lets you store, share, view, and edit photos to sell online and videos and includes an AI-powered assistant to help manage your media. It works for both Android and iOS devices and provides an automatic backup for your media. Google Photos can be free with unlimited storage — but there are caveats.


Hello, we’re Photobox, the experts in personalized photo gifts.

Photobox offers everything you need to turn your favorite moments into beautiful gifts for family and friends. Choose from a wide range of products — from Photo Books to Mugs to Canvas, and so much more — it’s all yours to experiment, get creative, and have a lot of fun along the way!

Photo Books


All your favorite moments in a beautifully printed, high-quality Photo Book, to give as the perfect gift (or a treat for yourself). Get creative with the design, write special messages, and add decorative touches. Why not try ordering your Photo Book straight from your phone?

Which photo books are easiest and quickest to create?

If you’re looking for super quick creation, our app is the simplest and most convenient way to make photo books. And, because an app is on-the-go, you can create a photo album wherever you are (on the bus, on the sofa, at your work desk). To create yours, just upload your photos from your phone’s camera roll or social media, and we’ll autofill it in seconds. Want to move some photos around? No problem. Just drag and drop ’til you’re happy.

Droll Pics app
Droll Pics app

Not got the app yet? Don’t worry. EasyCreate is here to save the day. Think of this as your virtual photo album planner. First, let us know how you’d like your photo album to look by answering a few questions. Then, we’ll design personalized photo books by organizing, cropping, and arranging photos using a variety of different layouts. After this, you can order your photo books online straight away or edit as much as you like. Simple.




If there’s a single physical place to go to uncover the year’s portrait photography and wedding photography trends, it’s WPPI. The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference takes over Las Vegas at the end of February, bringing photographers from budding new professionals to well-known creatives together in one place. The 2019 show has just …


Most people are neither comfortable nor particularly experienced in front of the camera. This means that, in order to take the very best photo of your subject, you, as a photographer, need to be able to give the kind of direction that makes sense and churns out consistently beautiful results…


When most people ask me questions about print or digital photography, I quickly realize that they think that all I do is grab the camera, point it at something until that something looks pretty, and then press the shutter button. If you’re just getting into photography…


A luxurious, expensive photo spread of the prettiest people on the planet do well on social media, but what if you prefer something grittier, less processed, and, dare I say, more real? If you’re more interested in natural beauty than Photoshopped beauty, street photography may be just your thing…


Last year, my photography website got hacked. It took me about four months to get it back up, mainly because I wanted to make the most of the situation and implement a complete redesign. The worst part of that headache wasn’t the web design process.

Create Cards, Photo Books, Canvas Prints, and Photo Gifts


Snapfish offers online photo printing since 1999 and a range of personalized gifts, including photo books, canvas prints, mugs, calendars, cards, and more.

What is the Snapfish Collect In-Store service?

Quite simply, the Snapfish Collect in Store solution is a convenient service for those last-minute photo printing orders you might have. You order online photos to sell, as usual, select the Collect in Store option, and choose your nearest or most convenient Max Spielmann location. Max Spielmann operates in over 400 locations across the UK and can be found on the High St as well as in your larger Asda, Morrisons, and Tesco supermarkets.

There is no charge for the Collect in Store service, however, please note our Collect in Store product prices differ from our regular online prices, and coupon codes may not always apply. You can see the Collect in Store prices on the product pages, on the Pricing page and you can review final pick-up in-store prices in the cart before checkout.


How to enter the 2022 Contest

Create your personal Picture account here.

Did you know?
If you have entered the Photo Contest on Picture in the last three years, you can log in using the same login details you previously used.

Register for the 2022 World Press Photo Contest on Picture.

For example, a membership document or recommendation letter from a recognized photographic association, or at least one proof of publication from 2020 or 2021 with your name visible as credit.

While your registration is under review, you can already upload your work, and add captions, metadata, and other information.

All entries must have accurate captions and descriptions, written in English. If the captions have been translated, please also provide the original caption. Captions must contain all the information described in the guidance on captions.

The annual World Press Photo Contest recognizes and celebrates the best photojournalism and documentary photography produced over the last year. Enter your work for free and you could win €1,000 as a regional winner and an additional €5,000 as a global winner, have your work showcased to a global audience, and more.

Entries for the 2022 World Press Photo Contest are open until 11 January 2022, 12.00 (noon) CET. We are excited to welcome a multiplicity of stories and a diverse range of photographers from all over the world to enter the contest! world press photo

Dictionary — Cambridge

photonoun[ C ] informal UK /ˈfəʊ.təʊ/ US /ˈfoʊ.t̬oʊ/plural photos

Synonymsexposurepic informal picture snap (PHOTOGRAPH) UK informalSee also photograph noun

More examples

“Photos” redirects here. For the Apple application, see Apple Photos. For the Microsoft application, see Microsoft Photos. For other uses, see Photograph (disambiguation). For the technique, see Photography.

A photograph (also known as a photo) is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic image sensor, such as a CCD or a CMOS chip. Most photographs are now created using a smartphone/camera, which uses a lens to focus the scene’s visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see. The process and practice of creating such images is called photography.

Droll Pics app
Droll Pics App

The word photograph was coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel and is based on the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning “light,” and γραφή (graphê), meaning “drawing, writing,” together meaning “drawing with light.”[1]

The plastic used for enclosures has been manufactured to be as frictionless as possible to prevent scratching photos during insertion into the sleeves. Unfortunately, the slippery nature of the enclosure generates a build-up of static electricity, which attracts dust and lint particles. The static can attract dust to the inside of the sleeve, as well, where it can scratch the photograph.[4]

Likewise, these components that aid in the insertion of the photo to sell online referred to as slip agents, can break down and transfer from the plastic to the photograph, where they deposit as an oily film, attracting further lint and dust. At this time, there is no test to evaluate the long-term effects of these components on photographs. In addition, the plastic sleeves can develop kinks or creases on the surface, which will scratch away at the emulsion during handling.[7]

Your All-In-One Creative Solution


The Definitive Guide To Cropping And Resizing Images

Digital photo editing is a marvelous invention. We can take as many photos as we like from different angles and enhance them later using a photo editor. Both the Crop tool and the Resize tool are super helpful for enhancing our less-than-professional camera skills post-shoot, but each has different purposes. To get those photos just right, you’ll need to know what cropping and resizing are, and when to use each tool for editing your photos.

What Is Cropping?

Cropping is cutting off a portion of your image to improve framing, put emphasis on your subject, or change the aspect ratio. This kind of photo manipulation allows you to keep all the elements you want and eliminate the ones you don’t. Cropping can also help you to reframe your subject or draw the viewer into a certain area for greater impact. In order to fully understand cropping, you’ll need to know two important terms: aspect ratio and pixels.

Turn Photos into Paintings

When you get the creative spark, BeFunky will help you channel your inner Picasso, taking you from photo to painting in one click! Just go to the Artsy section of our Photo Editor, then select one of our photos to paint effects. It’s that easy! Choose from Oil Painting, Impressionist, Gouache, Watercolor, and more!

Photo to Cartoon in a Click

Ever wanted to cartoon yourself? When you use our Cartoonizer, you’ll be able to go from photo to cartoon in seconds! Cartoon yourself in a single click with one of our original Cartoonizer effects, our brand new Cartoonizer DLX in our Deluxe Edition Digital Art section, or blend a couple of photo-to-art filters together to get a truly one-of-a-kind look!


Prints and Personalised Photo Gifts

Preserve & Print the Old

We all have old family history stored around the house gathering dust, whether it’s videotapes, photos, slides, or undeveloped films. Our Digital Transfer Service allows you to capture that history before it disappears, and bring it within reach of modern devices. And the process is simple.

Just let us know what media you have, and choose to transfer it to DVD or USB, we’ll send you a box that you return complete with your memories, then all you have to do is wait for both the old and new media to be returned. Think of the space you’ll save around the house and the copies of treasured family memories that you can share and enjoy for many years to come.

Create a One of a Kind Photo Gift

Upload your own photo(s) and words to any of our personalized products to create a unique, and thoughtful gift for someone special. From personalized jigsaws and photo games to custom towels and photo bags, we have a range of gifts that cater to any age and occasion. No worries at all if you’re shopping on a budget — just check out our range of gifts under £10, and remember that we only charge once for delivery, not for each item you buy! If you’re not sure exactly what you’re after yet, then take inspiration from our collections under Gifts for him and Gifts for Her.


Photo Mechanic® is the Fast Media Browser That Helps You View, Organize, Manage, and Export Digital Photos

Plugin your memory cards and start picking winners and deleting rejects almost instantaneously. Move from image to image without that annoying rendering delay. Add dynamic caption, copyright, and keyword information individually or in batches. Upload images to online galleries to sell them or image services in a flash. And, so much more! Photo Mechanic is the ultimate file and metadata management tool.

Already a dedicated user of Photo Mechanic? Click here to check out what’s new in Photo Mechanic Plus.

Ingest is the process of copying files from a memory card to your hard drive. Photo Mechanic supercharges this step by automating other tasks at the same time, making your life much easier.

  • Start Editing ImmediatelyDon’t wait around. See the thumbnails of your images while they’re being copied from your memory card. Cull, rate, and tag them as you go. The photo Mechanic is fast!
  • Browse Files FasterGo from image to image quickly — faster than ever before in Photo Mechanic. Find your keepers and bring only the files you want to keep into your post-processing workflow.
  • Multi-Card Ingest saves time by copying images off several memory cards at the same time when you have multiple card readers.
  • Add Metadata During IngestSave a step by adding copyright and credit information during the copying process

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