What is it Charisma?

I try to find the answer to these questions on the internet. Ask GOOGLE about charisma. Here are the first 10 websites that I find on google about charisma.

1 — Charisma — What is Charisma?

Here is a definition of Charisma. There are so many definition styles but in the end, almost all of them have the same answers.

“ Charisma is the ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you. etc…”

Also here you have the answer to the question — Why Charisma Matters?

“That’s not to say that charisma is everything, however. etc…”

On this page is a small article easy to read in 2 min. Lovely and nice answers you find here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/basics/charisma

Charisma — Shades of Romeo

2- The second website is: https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ips/charisma.html

They also answer the question: Is it started with a few words about charisma and after that, they have the definition to. After some research at the University of Toronto, they find 2 major words that stay to the base at charisma. ‘affability’ and ‘influence

  • “Influence was defined as leadership ability and strength of ‘presence’.
  • Affability was defined as being approachable and pleasant.

After this, they elaborate on these 2 words developing influence and affability. The article is a little longer one like 10 minutes read and with more detailed. And in the end, you find some beautiful A Final Thought about what means to be charismatic.

3 — The third position on the page is took by Wikipedia — Charisma

I believe you already know the Wikipedia website. I don’t have to say too much because you already know what you will find here. Definition “ Charisma (/kəˈrɪzmə/) is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others “, Etymology, History with Divinely conferred charisma and Personality charisma.

4 — Here is inc.com. They have an article with: “5 Things Really Charismatic People Do

In this article, you can read about what charismatic people and their actions like exude joy, inspire confidence, share a conviction, great storytellers, connect empathetically. It is not a long article, 5 min read.

offering free flowers on the streets

5 — The big FORBES.

They have the same article only is longer 7–10 minutes read. 5 Qualities of Charismatic People. How Many Do You Have? It is a little strange after I finde an article after another with 5 things about it. Anyway, here in this article we find the qualities what charismatic people should have it.

Be Self Confident, Tell Great Stories, Body Speak, Make The Conversation About The Other Person, Be A Good listener. At the end of the article, you will find the simple question “ Are you charismatic?

6 — here we have Scienceofpeople.com

They have a really nice page. Start with the definition What is Charisma? and after they have 10 things that you should know How to Be More Charismatic.

1. Can You Learn Charisma?

2. Charisma Does NOT Equal Perfection

3. Charismatic People Are Great Conversationalists

4. Ooze Charisma By Gushing, Not Gossiping

5. Improve Your Own Charisma and Redefine Boring

6. Avoid Bad Days

7. Create a Competence Baseline

8. Likability is Key To Your Own Charisma

9. Charismatic People Bring People Together

10. Be a Professional Cheerleader

I really like this article how is written, and you find loads of interesting theories. It is true it is a little longer, like 15 -20 minutes read.

7 — Dictionary.cambridge.org

It is just a small definition: “ A special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration. “

8 — We find Lifehacker.com

It is an article about “ How to Develop Your Charisma and Become More Likable “, a long article like 10–15 min. the topics of this article are about: Charisma is something you learn, Master the art of presence, Develop a sense of confidence, Live with purpose, etc… If you have time you will be happy to find some new things about charisma.

Offering free flowers on the streets

9 — Is theguardian.com

The same is an article where they explain to you:
‘I am not naturally magnetic’: can you learn how to be charismatic?

Actually it is a story, a long story like 15 minutes to read. Honestly, it was too boring for reading so I take to paragraph and put it here for you.

“ One old chap told me straight: the spark that was there in print didn’t exist in person”.

Essentially, the unspoken message you’re going for is: genuine, dependable, useful in a saber-toothed tiger attack

I can not say too much because like I told you… I did not read it.

10 — and the last 10 positions are taken by www.independent.co.uk

is a nice article: SCIENTISTS SAY THEY CAN MEASURE YOUR CHARISMA WITH ONLY SIX QUESTIONS. It is a short article like 7 minutes to read. Here are the principal questions about what they are talking about in the article.

  1. has a presence in a room
  2. has the ability to influence people
  3. knows how to lead a group
  4. makes people feel comfortable
  5. smiles at people often
  6. can get along with anyone

About Shades of Romeo, I just find on the internet that charisma is a part of Shades of Romeo. All the happy people who got flowers, all the smiles… yep this is true, is something there. You can say is charisma or not, but it is something.

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