31 May Flower’s Day — Shades of Romeo

A new Flowers Day on 31 May

It is new? not really, find some information about flowers day on the internet, but I was not so happy about what they are doing and how they celebrated the “international flowers day”. In my mind, Flowers Day supposed to be a combination of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Everyone should get flowers.

Flowers day will be a good opportunity to visit your friends and offer them flowers. Also, you can offer flowers to your sister or your girlfriend. Did you know that even to man you can offer flowers? Now is a good opportunity to offer flowers to your dad too. I tell you a secret — people start to like a lot of the plants, especial orchids plants, but not only.

Shades of Romeo -EAT cafe London

31 May — Flowers Day

May is the month of flowers, it should be great weather outside and the flowers should be everywhere. In my mind is the perfect day for flowers day. and this year 31 may 2019 will be Friday. That is a perfect day to finish the work with a flower and also start the weekend with flowers too. So… me, you, him everyone cam became a Romeo for someone.

Became a Romeo is not so hard, once in your life you were Romeo. Offering flowers to someone is one of the big what you can do. To hurt someone is very easy, and we all know that, but to make someone happy is very hard.

And the faster way and easy one to make someone happy is to offer him a flower. Mmm… some time is so hard to write an article, I know that nobody will read this, but I’m doing this for Google and other sites like Altavista.

Anyway, let’s go back to our idea about flowers and 31 May. If you read this and you have a better idea with the date of 31 May, I will be glad to speak about it.

Shades of Romeo — Flower’s Day

Flowers, Romeo, Shades of Romeo or Flower’s Day, it is just an expression, some words. Only you, you can make the difference and transform them from word to facts. All the time it is a place for a smile and is more easy to apologize with a flower than nothing.

Yes is true we live an era where money talks, but I still believe you can be the richest person in the world, you still a person close to you and you to offer a flower.

Flower’s Day

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